Inserting Rows with JdbcRowSet Objects

This section describes how to insert data rows with a JdbcRowSet object.

Based on the JDBC documentation, a JdbcRowSet object is extended from a ResultSet object and defined to be updatable by default. This means that you can use JdbcRowSet objects to update, delete or insert rows back to target tables in the database server. I wrote a sample program to use a JdbcRowSet object to insert 2 data rows back to the Profile table in Oracle server:

 * Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.
import java.sql.*;
import javax.sql.rowset.RowSetProvider;
import javax.sql.rowset.JdbcRowSet;
public class OracleRowSetInsert {
  public static void main(String [] args) {
    try {

// RowSetFactory should be used now
//      JdbcRowSet jrs
//        = new com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl();
      JdbcRowSet jrs
        = RowSetProvider.newFactory().createJdbcRowSet();

// Set the connection URL for the DriverManager

// Set JdbcRowSet to be updatable

// Set a SQL statement with parameters
      jrs.setCommand("SELECT * FROM Profile WHERE 1=2");

// Connect and run the statement

// Move to the insert row

// Set column values and insert
      jrs.updateString("FirstName", "Herong");
      jrs.updateString("LastName", "Yang");

// Repeat for another row
      jrs.updateString("FirstName", "Bush");
      jrs.updateString("LastName", "Gate");

      System.out.println("2 rows inserted.");

// Close resource
    } catch (Exception e) {

The program executed correctly:

herong> java -cp .;ojdbc11.jar OracleRowSetInsert

Invalid operation for read only resultset: moveToInsertRow
   at oracle.jdbc.driver.BaseResultSet.moveToInsertRow(...)
   at com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl.moveToInsertRow(...)
   at OracleRowSetInsert.main(

Notice that my program failed because the Oracle JDBC driver does not support the updatable RowSet function. I have tried to call the setConcurrency() method. But it did not help:

// Set JdbcRowSet to be updatable

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