Windows Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 4.20

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Windows Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes
Version 4.20
Dr. Herong Yang

Table of Contents

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Paint - Graphics Tool

  • Paint - Graphics Tool
  • Graghics Basic Concepts
  • Reducing Graphics Size
  • Converting GIF to JPEG

WinZip - ZIP Compression Tool

  • What Is WinZip?
  • Downloading and Installing WinZip
  • Stopping WinZip Wizard
  • Adding Files To a ZIP File
  • Adding Directories To a ZIP File
  • Extracting ZIP Files
  • Setting Password in ZIP Files
  • Creating a ZIP File on Multiple Diskettes
  • Windows Explorer Context Menu

WinRAR - RAR Compression Tool

  • What Is WinRAR?
  • Downloading and Installing WinRAR
  • Adding Files To a RAR File
  • Extracting RAR Files
  • Setting Password in RAR Files
  • Creating Multi-Volume RAR Files
  • Windows Explorer Context Menu
  • Compressing Files into ZIP Format
  • Running WinRAR in a Command Window

FTP Server and Client

  • Setting Up FTP Server
  • FTP Command Line Client Program
  • Downloading Files
  • Checking the Log File
  • Uploading Files

Web Log Analysis

  • Web Log File
  • Analog - Web Log File Analysis Tool
  • Configuring Analog to Run My Logs

Removing Spyware

  • What Is Spyware?
  • HijackThis - Browser Hijacker Detecter
  • Spyware - WebBar - htwtb.bin
  • Spyware - SurfBuddy - sbuddy.dll
  • Spyware - WebSpecials - webspec.dll
  • Spyware - DSSAgent - DSSAGENT.EXE
  • Transponder - Best Offer - farmmext.exe
  • Spyware - dinst.exe - dsr.dll

Controlling IE Addons

  • What Is an IE Addon?
  • deSrcAs.dll - MyWay Search Assistant
  • GoogleDesktop.exe
  • IE Default Search Settings
  • Google Toolbar
  • jusched.exe - SunJavaUpdateSched
  • winfixer

Trojan and Adware - Vundo (VirtuMonde/VirtuMundo)

  • What Is Trojan Vundo?
  • Experience of Removing Trojan Vundo
  • Detecting Trojan Vundo with McAfee VirusScan
  • Full Removal of Trojan Vundo
  • What Is VirusScan?

Trojan and Adware - Puper (trojan.popuper)

  • What Is Trojan Puper?
  • My Experience with Trojan Puper

Trojan and Adware - Vundo (vtsts.dll) Removal

  • Removing Suspicious xxxxxxxx.dll Files
  • What Is vtsts.dll?
  • Where Is vtsts.dll Hiding?
  • Trying to Remove Trojan Vundo with FixVundo.exe from Symantec
  • Removing Trojan Vundo with VundoFix.exe from

Adware - VSAdd-in.dll and Removal

  • What Is VSAdd-in.dll?
  • Removing VSAdd-in.dll

Crossover Cable Network

  • What Is Crossover Cable Network?
  • Configuring Crossover Cable Network
  • Using FTP to Transfer Files
  • Assigning Host Names
  • Sharing Files with Windows Explorer


Key Words: Analog, Anonymous FTP, Crossover Cable, FTP, Graphics, GIF, HijackThis, IE Addon, IIS, JPEG, Puper, RAR, Spyware, SurfBuddy, Toolbar, Trojan, Vundo, VSAdd-in, Web, WebBar, winfixer, WinRAR, WinZip, ZIP.

Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2006
Windows Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes - Table of Contents