Java Tool Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 4.12, 2006

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Java Tool Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes
Version 4.12
Dr. Herong Yang

Table of Contents

About This Book


Installing J2SE 1.5.0 on Windows 2000

  • Download
  • First Java Program

'javac' - The Java Compiler

  • "javac" Command
  • Hello.class - My First Class File
  • "-classpath" - Specifying Class Path
  • "-sourcepath" - Specifying Source Path
  • "-d" - Specifying Output Directory
  • "import" Statements

'java' - The Java Launcher

  • "java" Command
  • - My First Application
  • "-classpath" - Specifying Class Path
  • "-jar" - Executable JAR Files
  • "-X" Options to Control Memory Size
  • "javaw" - Launching Java Applications without Console

'jdb' - The Java Debugger

  • "jdb" Command
  • Launching and Debugging Java Applications
  • Attaching "jdb" to Running Applications
  • Debugging Commands
  • Multi-Thread Debugging Exercise

JAR File Format and 'jar' Tool

  • JAR File Format
  • "jar" Tool
  • hello.jar - My First JAR File
  • JAR Files Are ZIP Files
  • What Is "manifest"?
  • Adding "manifest" to JAR Files
  • Using JAR Files in Class Paths
  • Creating Executable JAR Files

JCA - Certificates, 'keytool' and 'keystore'

  • Certificates and Certificate Chains
  • What is "keystore"?
  • "keytool" - Key and Certificate Management Tool
  • "keytool" Example - Generating Key Pairs and Self-Signed Certificates
  • "keytool" Example - Exporting and Import Certificates
  • "keytool" Example - Cloning Certificates with New Identities


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Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2006
Java Tool Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes - Table of Contents