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hySite - Site Directory in ASP
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hySite is a simple Website directory script. It can be used as a simple personal Website bookmark tool or as a Website resource management tool. Features of hySite include: keyword search; site ranking, IP address tracking; and admin editor. It is written in ASP and requires a MS Access database file.

hySite is copyright © 2006 by Dr. Herong Yang. All rights reserved.

You may download hySite from http://www.herongyang.com/hySite for your personal use only. Herong Yang makes no warranty of any kind.

You may not publish, rewrite or redistribute hySite in any form without explicit permission from Herong Yang.


hySite has been installed on my Website to manage programming resource sites. If you want to see how it works, please visit this link. Note that the demo page is using a new version of hySite with PHP and MySQL support.


Click here to download the latest version of hySite.


1. Unzip hySite.zip. You will see the files in one directory, hySite.

2. Move hySite\hySite.mdb to your Web server in a database directory, like \cgi-bin. Make sure that read and write permission has been given to hySite.mdb on your Web server.

3. Update hySite\_config.inc to make sure that the ogConn object is open to the hySite.mdb with the correct path name.

4. Update hySite\linkAdmin.asp to make sure that sgAdminPass is updated with your own password.

5. Move all files in hySite directory to your Web server in a document directory, like \hySite.

6. Test your installation with a Web browser opening to http://your_server.com/hySite/default.asp. You should see a search page with some sample Websites.

7. Open http://your_server.com/hySite/linkAdmin.asp?pass=your_password to update links.

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If you are interested how hySite is designed and coded, please visit by my book: "ASP Tutorials by Herong".

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