750 - Shi Mian Mai Fu (十面埋伏) - Ambush from Ten Sides

Shi Mian Mai Fu (十面埋伏) - Ambush from Ten Sides, Pipa (琵琶, Lute) Solo, created in the Tang Dynasty (唐代).

 Tang Dynasty - Shi Mian Mai Fu (十面埋伏) - Ambush from Ten Sides

Year: 618 - 907, Tang Dynasty (唐代)
Title: Shi Mian Mai Fu (十面埋伏) - Ambush from Ten Sides, 
   Ambush On All Sides, Ambush from All Sides
Genre: Pipa (琵琶, Lute) Solo 

Listed as one of ten best ancient Chinese music pieces, "Ambush from Ten Sides" is famous Chinese classical lute music, which was composed on the basis of the decisive battle in 202 B.C. between the two armies of Chu and Han. The whole music gives an incisive and vivid depiction, in the form of musical narrative, of the fierce, desolate, solemn and stirring scenes of the battle. The unique techniques of lute performance have been brought into full play in this music. The whole music is majestic and passionate, sharp in artistic image, exalting in melody, and extremely thrilling.

《十面埋伏》是一首历史题材的大型琵琶曲, 它是中国十大古曲之一。关于乐曲的 创作年代迄今无一定论。资料追溯可至唐代,在白居易(772─846)写过的著名长 诗《琵琶行》中,可探知作者白居易曾听过有关表现激烈战斗场景的琵琶音乐。

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