Verify Installation of Xerces2

This section describes a tutorial example on how to verify the installation of the Xerces2 Java 2.11.0 XML Schema 1.1 Beta version by running a sample program dom.Counter.

After installing the latest Xerces2 Java version, I want to run some sample programs provided in the xercesSamples.jar file to verify the installation. For example, the dom.Counter sample program uses a DOM parser to count the total number of elements and attributes in an XML file.

dom.Counter is provided as a pre-compiled .class in the xercesSamples.jar. To run dom.Counter, I need to included xercesSamples.jar and other .jar files provided in the Xerces2 package in the "-cp" option in the "java" command line.

To avoid repeating this long "-cp" option in the command line each time, I created a batch file with .bat or .sh script to wrap "java -cp ..." as a new command. Here is the java_xerces.bat for Windows computers.

herong> type java_xerces.bat
java -cp .;.\xerces-2_12_1-xml-schema-1.1\xml-apis.jar;
^^^.\xerces-2_12_1-xml-schema-1.1\xercesSamples.jar; %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

Note that "^^^" indicates a line break inserted because of the limitation of the book format. You need to remove "^^^" and join the rest of the line with the previous line.

Also note that the list of JAR files and and -cp file delimiters are different for different Xerces2 versions and computer platforms.

Now let's try to use java_xerces.bat to run dom.Counter:

herong> type hello.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<p>Hello world!</p>

herong> java_xerces dom.Counter hello.xml
hello.xml: 30;4;0 ms (1 elems, 0 attrs, 0 spaces, 12 chars)

Okay. The Xerces2 Java 2.12.1 version seems to be installed correctly. I see the counts in the output: "1 elems, 0 attrs, 0 spaces, 12 chars".

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