Constructing New Datatypes with Restriction Facets

This section describes how 'restriction' components with facets can be used to construct new user-defined datatypes by applying restrictions on a single base datatype. The resulting datatype's value space is a subset of the base datatype's value space.

From the previous tutorial we learned what facets are supported in simple built-in datatypes, now let's see how we use them to contruct new user-defined simple datatypes.

Here some general rules on constructing a new user-defined simple datatype with restriction facets:

Here is a schema template that constructs a user-defined datatype from a base datatype:

<simpleType name="my_type_name">
 <restriction base="base_type_name">
  <facet_name value="facet_value">
  <facet_name value="facet_value">
<element name="element_name" type="my_type_name"/>
<attribute name="attribute_name" type="my_type_name"/>

In the template, "base_type_name" should be any simple datatype that supports restriction facets (constraining facets). "my_type_name" is the new user-defined datatype to be constructed.

Last update: 2013.

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