10600: Linear A

This section provides a quick summary of the Unicode code point block: 'Linear A', which contains 384 code points to represent Linear A alphabets used in the Linear A language.

Block name: Linear A

Block range: U+10600 ... U+1077F

Number of code points: 384

Introduced since: Unicode version 7.0

Complet list of code points: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U10600.pdf

Code point samples:
Unicode - Linear A

The "Linear A" block contains code points to represent Linear A alphabets used in the Linear A language.

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 10A60: Old South Arabian

 10A80: Old North Arabian

 10AC0: Manichaean

 10B00: Avestan

 10B40: Inscriptional Parthian

 10B60: Inscriptional Pahlavi

 10B80: Psalter Pahlavi

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 10C80: Old Hungarian

 10D00: Hanifi Rohingya

 10E60: Rumi Numeral Symbols

 10E80: Yezidi

 10F00: Old Sogdian

 10F30: Sogdian

 10FB0: Chorasmian

 10FE0: Elymaic

 11000: Brahmi

 11080: Kaithi

 110D0: Sora Sompeng

 11100: Chakma

 11150: Mahajani

 11180: Sharada

 111E0: Sinhala Archaic Numbers

 11200: Khojki

 11280: Multani

 112B0: Khudawadi

 11300: Grantha

 11400: Newa

 11480: Tirhuta

 11580: Siddham

 11600: Modi

 11660: Mongolian Supplement

 11680: Takri

 11700: Ahom

 11800: Dogra

 118A0: Warang Citi

 11900: Dives Akuru

 119A0: Nandinagari

 11A00: Zanabazar Square

 11A50: Soyombo

 11AC0: Pau Cin Hau

 11C00: Bhaiksuki

 11C70: Marchen

 11D00: Masaram Gondi

 11D60: Gunjala Gondi

 11EE0: Makasar

 11FB0: Lisu Supplement

 11FC0: Tamil Supplement

 Unicode Code Point Blocks: 12000 - 10FFFF

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