Most Popular Search Queries

The most popular search queries based on query strings used in referral URLs for 196 days of year 2008.

The following table shows the most popular search queries for 196 days of year 2008, with 2 weeks of log files missing. Data used in this table come from the search query report generated by Analog 6.0 using log files from

        search query
 1.05%  mysqladmin
 0.77%  jstl tutorial
 0.47%  ojdbc14.jar
 0.32%  mysql command line
 0.31%  php soap
 0.31%  resultset
 0.29%  drivermanager.getconnection
 0.29%  php notes
 0.27%  sun.jdbc.odbc.jdbcodbcdriver
 0.26%  sqljdbc.jar
 0.25%  php session
 0.23%  php http request
 0.22%  vbscript array
 0.20%  php soap tutorial
 0.18%  jstl tutorials
 0.18%  php sessions
 0.18%  mysql 5.0 download
 0.17%  mysql clob
 0.15%  c:foreach
 0.13%  mysql connector java 5.0.7 bin.jar
 0.13%  clob
 0.12%  jce tutorial
 0.12%  jsp notes
 0.12%  sql server command line
93.28%  (others...)

Comparing to year 2007, the search query string "mysqladmin" jumped from the 7th place to the first place.

It is interesting to see that many top search queries are related to JDBC tutorial notes.

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