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Mac Tutorials This book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning macOS. Topics include Macintosh OS history; macOS basic functionalities; storage file systems; reviewing resource usage on running processes; installing productivity and programming tools; installing Java and related tools; installing Apache Web server and MySQL database server; using Keychain Access to manage passwords and certificates. Updated in 2023 (Version v3.08) with minor changes.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Macintosh OS (Operating System) History

Macintosh - The First GUI Based Personal Computer

System Software - The Original Mac OS Operating System

Macintosh Models and Release Years

macOS Operating System

macOS System Info, Version and Upgrade

Installed Applications on macOS

Add New Users on macOS

Add Printer on macOS

Add Text Fonts on macOS

Change System Language Preference on macOS

Keyboard and Mouse Click Shortcuts on macOS

macOS File Systems

macOS Network Connections

System and Application Processes

What Is a Running Process

Use Activity Monitor on macOS

"ps" - Process Status Command

"top" - Display Top Processes

"nettop" - Processes Top Network Usages

"Finder" Process - File Browser on Mac

"WindowServer" Process - Drawing Graphics on Screen

"Dock" Related Processes

"Siri" Processes - Voice Command Interpreter

"mds" Processes - Metadata Server and Spotlight

"spindump" Processes - Dump Memory Contents

"login" Processes - Login Window and Services

"softwareupdate" Processes - Update System and Apps

"TeamsUpdater" Process from Microsoft Teams

Keychain Access - Password Manager

What Is Keychain Access on macOS

Lock and Unlock Keychains

Manage Passwords Stored in Keychain

"X" App Wants to Use "login" Keychain

Keychain Access - Certificate Manager

Using Keychain Access as Certificate Manager

Listing of Trusted Root CA in macOS

Exporting Root Certificate to File from macOS

Delete/Untrust Certificates from macOS

Import Server Certificates to macOS

Create My Own Root CA on macOS

Review My Root CA Certificate on macOS

Review Private Key of My CA Certificate on macOS

Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on macOS

Issue New Certificate with My CA on macOS

Verify Certificate Signed by My CA on macOS

Manage Keychains with Commands

Keychain File Locations on macOS

CA Certificates at "/etc/ssl | /private/etc/ssl"

Productivity Tools on macOS

macOS Terminal - Command Line Window

Install Text Editor - Atom

Install FTP Client - FileZilla

Install Office Software - OpenOffice

Install WeChat on macOS

Install VPN Plus

Install UNRAR

Install PDFwriter

Install Speedtest CLI

Programming Tools on macOS

Run Perl Scripts on macOS

Install File::Util for Perl

Run Python Scripts on macOS

Install New Version of Python on macOS

pip3 - Package Installer for Python 3

Run PHP Scripts on macOS

Install MySQL Database Server on macOS

PHP mysqli_connect() Error on "localhost"

Install SQuirreL SQL Client on macOS

Connect SQuirreL to MySQL on macOS

Install SQuirreL SQL Scripts Plugins

Apache Web Server on macOS

Develop and Run Java Applications

Install JDK (Java Development Kit) on macOS

Run Java Applet in Safari

Install Apache Maven on macOS

The Simplest Maven Project File

Use "profile" in Maven Project File

Use "parent" in Maven Project File

Install FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) on macOS

Install Tomcat Java EE Server on macOS

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