EL Variables Are pageContext Attributes

This section provides a tutorial example to prove that EL variables are 'pageContext' attributes.

Based the rules and the examples in the previous sections, we can easily conclude that:

Here is an example JSP page to show you that you can mix variables and pageContext attributes any way you want:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" 
   xmlns:c="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" version="2.1"> 
<!-- ExpVariable.jspx
 - Copyright (c) 2012, HerongYang.com, All Rights Reserved.
<jsp:directive.page contentType="text/html"/>
<c:set var="message" value="Hi there!"/>
1. ${message}<br/>
2. <jsp:expression>pageContext.findAttribute("message")

   String s = "Hello world!";
   pageContext.setAttribute("hello", s, PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);
3. ${hello}<br/>

<jsp:useBean id="today" class="java.util.Date"/>
4. ${today}<br/>

   java.util.Date d = new java.util.Date();
   pageContext.setAttribute("tomorrow", d, PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);
5. ${tomorrow}<br/>

<jsp:setProperty name="today" property="time" value="1000000000000"/>
6. ${today}<br/>
7. ${today.time}<br/>


Here is the output this page:

1. Hi there!
2. Hi there!
3. Hello world!
4. Sun Jul 01 13:20:19 EST 2012
5. Mon Jul 02 13:20:19 EST 2012
6. Sat Sep 08 21:46:40 EDT 2001
7. 1000000000000

Note that:

Exercise: Since there many methods to add an attribute to pageContext, useBean, c:set, and pageContext.setAttribute, write a simple program to show what happens if the same attribute name is used by different methods.

Last update: 2012.

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EL Variables Are pageContext Attributes

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