JDBC Thin Client-Side Driver Installation

This section describes how to download and install Oracle JDBC thin client-side driver.

Among 4 different Oracle JDBC drivers offered by Oracle, JDBC Thin client-side driver is the simplest one to install and to use. Here is what I did to download and install the latest version on my local computer:

Installation of JDBC driver for Oracle server is done now.

If you are using older versions of JDK and/or older versions of Oracle servers, you need to find and download the correct version of JDBC Thin client-side driver JAR file, ojdbcXX.jar, according to the following table:

JAR Name         JDK Versions   Oracle versions
--------         ------------   ---------------
ojdbc11.jar      JDK 11+        Oracle 21c+
ojdbc10.jar      JDK 10+        Oracle 19c+
ojdbc8.jar       JDK 8+         Oracle 12c+
ojdbc7.jar       JDK 7+         Oracle 12c+
ojdbc6.jar       JDK 6+         Oracle 11g+
ojdbc5.jar       JDK 5+         Oracle 11g+
ojdbc14.jar      JDK 1.4+       Oracle 9i+
classes12.jar    JDK 1.2+       Oracle 8i+
classes12.jar    JDK 1.2+       Oracle 8i+
classes111.jar   JDK 1.1+       Oracle 8i+

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