JDBC-ODBC - Tab Delimited Flat File Data

This section describes how to enter data in a flat text file as tab delimited columns.

To do further testing with the ODBC text file driver, I entered some data manually into two files in the directory connected to my DSN. My data is organized in columns with the tab character as the column delimiter.

1. C:\LOCAL\ODBC_FLAT_DB\User.txt:

ID  FirstName  LastName  BirthDate  AddressID
1  Christopher  Kleinerman  11-Aug-1989  5
2  Rosmarie  Kobylinski  01-Jul-1983  4
3  Alexander  Mendiola  12-Apr-1977  3
4  Danielle  Alexander  05-Nov-1979  2
5  R. Morgan  Van Houten  09-Sep-1985  1

2. C:\LOCAL\ODBC_FLAT_DB\Address.txt:

ID  StreetName  City
1  5 Baker Road  Bellevue
2  25 Bay St.  Hull
3  251 Main St.  W. York
4  99 Wade Ave  Paris
5  998 Forest  Portland

As you can see, these two files contain data for two related tables. The AddressID in the User.txt file links to the Address.txt file.

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