Get Free Ether from

This section describes how to get some free Ether from

Another place to get free Ether money on the Ropsten Test Network is to use Website.

Here is what I tried.

1. Go to

2. Enter my test account address 0xf8e50468eFD092D3B457B199f8b910b421e607b6. And click "Send me test ehter".

3. Wait for my request to be processed. I see Ether money get deposited to other people's accounts. And a message on the screen saying:

This faucet drips 0.3 Ether every 10 seconds. 
You can register your account in our queue. 
Maximum size is currently 50. Serving from account 
(balance of 0 ETH).

4. After several hours, I am still not receiving any Ether.

5. Try to call the REST API. But I still don't see any free Ether.


So may be the source account really don't have any Ether left to give out, or the site is not working. Not Working Not Working

By the way, their Web address has been changed from to

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 Private Ethereum Network

 64-Bit "geth" for Private Ethereum Network

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 Setup MetaMask Extension for Chrome

 View Ethereum Account Address in MetaMask

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 Get Free Ether from

 Get Free Ether from

Get Free Ether from

 Connect MetaMask to Local "geth" Node

 Transfer Ether Fund to MetaMask Account

 Send Ether from MetaMask to Private Network Failed

 Private Network ID Must Match "chainId"

 Send Ether from MetaMask to Private Network

 Process MetaMask Transfer Transaction

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